Zoo Automation will control your

energy use, secure your home & simplify
daily tasks, all through the touch of a
button on your smart phone, tablet or

Zoo Automation comprises several modules, allowing you to you manage your entire home from setting lights, temperature and watering your lawn to accessing cutting edge entertainment and communications, Zoo is all on one simple to use and install automation platform.

Benefits at a Glance...

Easy to Install System
Reduce Energy Bills
Simple to Operate
Energy Monitoring
Hassle Free upgrade options
Remote Access
ZOO iPhone App

Download the Zoo app.

Manage your home from any location in the world with the ZOO iPhone App. Activate lights, your irrigation system or selected appliances with the simple touch of a button. View energy consumption reports or access your CCTV feed. ZOO brings together best of breed technology and energy efficiency for a truly inspired automation system.

Finance Available

Get a 5 minute approval for your new in home
technology system with ZOO Finance!

Easy to Install

ZOO Automation’s behind the wall modules can be retrofit to any home, giving the average home owner access to luxury conveniences previously afforded only by the very wealthy. No rewiring is needed as ZOO utilises existing cabling infrastructure, with the exception of CCTV, and touch screen. As it is not a wireless installation, ZOO customers can rest assured that the system will not create additional Electro Magnetic Fields or interfere with their existing home WiFi networks.

Reduce Energy Bills

By controlling lighting and appliances, ZOO Automation can lower energy costs and extend the life of appliances. Energy costs are predicted to rise by 40% over the next few years, so minimising energy bills is high on every home owner’s list.


The retrofit nature of ZOO Automation means it is no longer an extravagant gadget, rather an affordable convenience that will aid home owners in managing their everyday tasks, as well as lowering their energy bills.


The ZOO Automation system and components are all engineered and produced by a single manufacturer, ensuring maximum compatibility and dependability.Tested in extremely sensitive and demanding environments where failure was not an option, ZOO is a highly stable and reliable system. Manual overrides give customers peace of mind that they will never lose control or be locked out of their home.

Simple to operate

Even customers of limited technical ability will find ZOO Automation’s intuitive touch screen operation easy and straightforward to operate.

Energy Monitoring

ZOO Automation’s smart system determines how much power is being consumed by individual appliances and lights, as well as entire rooms. The system is also able to report how efficient the power usage is and how better to distribute it. Monitored in real time, the ZOO system can also produce historical reports on the home’s energy consumption and efficiency.

Hassle Free upgrade options

Down the track, should you decide to add further features to your ZOO Automation system, simply contact your ZOO installer. With the exception of CCTV Security, no further wiring installations will be required. More information

Remote Access

Manage your ZOO Automation system from anywhere in the world through smart mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Just download the ZOO App and you can switch on the air conditioning before you get home on a hot day, get that load of washing going in off-peak energy slots, give tradesmen access to your home, watch CCTV footage or turn the lights on or off.


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