Take control of your energy use & rising
energy costs to maximise the efficiency
of your home.

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Ask us for a no obligation assessment to see how we can help you manage your energy consumption and show you where further efficiencies can be made.

When you have your assessment done a calculation can be made by the technician of the benefits of combining ZOO home energy control, solar and LED lighting installation for the ZOO 'TOTAL POWER BILL WIPEOUT'!!

The world of in home technology is a jungle!

ZOO Automation is the place where the very best of the jungle comes together in one simple, easy to navigate environment.

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Manage your home

Turn off lights from the shopping centre or the hair straightener that you left on from work with the simple touch of a button.

With energy companies raising their fees and the government's carbon tax, energy costs will rise significantly in the next few years, some predict by as much as 40%. ZOO automation will help you get the most out of your energy dollars and ensure you maximise your energy efficiency wherever its possible.


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